Sarawak AKM Tour highlights cultural performances of various ethnic groups

05/08/2022 07:17 PM

KUCHING, Aug 5 (Bernama) -- “Bukan mukun sebarang mukun, mukun kamek berisi beras; bukan pantun sebarang pantun, pantun kamek minta dibalas.”

This was the ‘pantun’ recited during the opening of the 'Nopeng' performance at the Sarawak edition of the Keluarga Malaysia Aspirations (AKM) Tour here.

The Sarawakian Malay dance was among the cultural performances presented to visitors through workshops and demonstrations of ethnic groups in Sarawak during the tour programme today.

Organised by the Sarawak Arts Council (SAC), the workshop received an overwhelming response from visitors who wanted to immerse themselves in the traditional dances of ethnic groups in Bumi Kenyalang such as Orang Ulu, Ajat Iban, Melanau and Malay.

According to SAC Art Development Division head, Easter Melebeh, the ‘bermukun’ performance involves dancing and the recital of ‘pantun’ accompanied by the beating of drums that is performed during a traditional Sarawak Malay gathering.

“Besides Nopeng, visitors can learn the correct basic dance moves of various ethnicities here because each tribe has different dance moves, and this is in line with the National Month celebration, which carries the theme of ‘Keluarga Malaysia Teguh Bersama’ (Keluarga Malaysia - Standing Strong Together).

“Sarawak has many ethnicities, so this harmony is what we want to highlight through the cultural diversity here,” she told Bernama.

Easter said the workshop aims to encourage young people to learn about the various types of dance in the state, in line with the spirit of Keluarga Malaysia (Malaysian Family).

The tour is based on the concept of inclusiveness, togetherness and gratitude by depicting the integrity of the country, which is tied to the excellent educational value in a family, with the Keluarga Malaysia phrase considered more inclusive as it cuts across religion and race.

During the three-day Sarawak AKM tour, various events and activities have been lined up with the involvement of 28 public service agencies which will provide assistance and services.