Chicken supply sufficient in Sarawak, tighter in Sabah

08/07/2022 07:24 PM

KUCHING, July 8 (Bernama) -- Traders in the city are not facing any supply issues ahead of the Hari Raya Aidiladha celebration this Sunday.

A survey by Bernama found that the supply of chicken and meat was sufficient and sold at set prices.

However, according to the traders, consumers are more prudent in making purchases this time around.

Frozen meat trader Husaini Sharbini, 54, said this was because buyers were sensitive to the rising prices of basic items.

"For the Aidliadha celebration this time, customers who used to buy 3 kg of meat before are only purchasing about 1.5 kg to 2 kg now, and only (enough) for small family gatherings, not (to cook) on a large scale," he said when met here today.

A chicken seller at the Stutong Community Market, Sejanah Sawi, 52, said the chicken supply was stable and expected the number of customers to increase tomorrow for last-minute purchases in conjunction with Aidiladha.

Apart from that, the survey found that standard chicken was being sold at RM9.80 per kg, while super chicken was sold at RM10.80 per kg.

Meanwhile, in SABAH, Mardan Bacho, 60, a trader at the Kota Kinabalu Central Market said traders were able to sell below the RM12 ceiling price, however, he said the lack of supply made it difficult to meet the high demand of customers during the festive season.

"The issue here is not the ceiling price...but the supply is not enough, I usually buy 300 chickens a day but now only get 100," he said, appealing to the authorities to increase the supply of chickens on Aidiladha.

A state government retiree, Jenny Lim, 66, from Laya-Laya, Tuaran who has 12 family members said the lack of chicken supply had to some extent affected her large family.

A sundry shopkeeper in Gayang, Tuaran, Samirullah Bashar, 42, said he had not received a supply of subsidised cooking oil packets for a month and he faced customer complaints every day as they had to buy more expensive bottled cooking oil.

"Packet oil costs RM2.50, but bottled oil which is not subsidised is sold at RM7 per kg, which is a high difference. So we understand the grouses of customers," he said, adding that traders were also facing problems with sugar and egg supplies.